Australian Households Leading The Solar Revolution

It’s official! New data shows that Australian households are leading the way when it comes to switching to Solar.

In fact, nearly two-thirds of the total investment in renewables across Australia in 2013 - and virtually the entire investment in renewables in 2014 - was due to the uptake of solar in Australian households and businesses.

This amounted to a staggering $2.billion out of a total $4.4 billion of clean energy investment used to install nearly 1 gigawatt of rooftop solar PV.

In layman’s terms, that accounted for an estimated 13,000 households switching to solar every month. Even reductions to feed-in tariffs and the winding back of generous state and federal subsidies have not slowed demand.

Interestingly, the new data released by Pew Charitable Trusts notes that rooftop solar would remain attractive to Australian households as it is now seen as the answer to soaring electricity prices (remember, residential electricity prices rose an average of 14% in 2013!)

And with budgets tightening and the cost of living on the increase -– we fully expect to see even more Australian households making the switch to solar.



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