Exterior Lighting 101: How to transform your outdoor space

Just like the interior of your home, getting the lighting right in your outdoor space can mean the difference between average and spectacular. When you know all the tricks, you can use lighting to landscape your garden so that it not only looks amazing, but also adds an extra element of safety and security.

Landscape lighting 101

To help you get it right, follow our 6 step guide to perfect landscape lighting.

1. Plan your lighting layout
Think about how you use the space and identify all the areas you’d like to light, such as the BBQ and outdoor dining area, deck, fencing, pool surrounds and pathways. Is there a special feature you’d like to highlight such as a sculpture or water feature? Lighting in and around plants and trees creates beautiful shadows, while string lights, colour changing deck lights and LED strips bring a fun, festive vibe.

Landscape lighting 101

2. Include motion sensors for added safety and security
As well as being a must-have for avoiding potential security hazards such as burglars, motion sensor lights add aesthetic value to the exterior of your home. Eliminate tripping on a tricky step and fumbling for keys by installing sensors that turn on your lights before you reach an entryway.

Landscape lighting 101

3. Add serious style by lighting alfresco areas and doorways with wall sconces, wall brackets and porch lights. Choose a look that complements your home’s exterior or make a feature of the light with a statement piece. Most outdoor wall lights will be rated for heavy weather exposure, but if you live in a particularly wet or harsh environment, look for marine-grade finishes that can tolerate heavy UV, moisture and salt exposure.

Landscape lighting 101

4. Create great curb appeal with path lights and bollards. The key here is to space your fixtures far enough part so that they provide their own circle of light. Remember, less is more as using too many will create an unwanted runway effect!

5. Get creative with accent lights such as spots and recessed lights to ‘uplight’ trees and statues. This effect gives your garden more depth and interest and creates a beautiful ambience.

Landscape lighting 101

6. Choose safe, low voltage lights for super-efficient, easy DIY connection
Beacon’s DIY Quick Connect range makes it easy to set up your garden lighting yourself. From connection of the wiring kit to your power source, you can easily connect your preferred garden light to a huge variety of DIY Quick Connect compatible lights. No power? No problem? Our DIY Solar Cell is a simple replacement to the transformer. All you need to do is ensure the solar panel is placed in the sun facing north or west.

Landscape lighting 101

Inspired? Shop in-store or online at Beacon and get your garden glowing for summer entertaining.


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