Grand Final: A Zen-inspired retreat

The House Rules High Stakes Grand Final was life-changing – for Lionel who got a second chance at his forever home and for Kimmy and Rhi this season’s winners who pocketed a cool $100,000! Congratulations! Let’s go back to Western Sydney where the final four teams converted a tiny metal shell into a Zen-inspired nano masterpiece in just four days and revisit our favourite rooms.

Entry by Kayne & Aimee
Their lighting choice: Our Matteo pendants
The verdict: What a gorgeous welcome into this Zen home! Our Matteo pendants frame the beautiful eye-catching mirror and complement the earthy textures and tones used in this front entry. Kayne and Aimee cleverly clustered the pendants at different heights to create interest in that corner.


Bedroom by Kimmy & Rhi
Their lighting choice: Our MFL By Masson Canada wall sconces
The verdict: Beautiful earthy tones, textures and natural elements make this bedroom a peaceful, relaxed sanctuary that Lionel can retreat into at the end of a long day. Our Canada wall sconces replace traditional bedside lamps and add a stylish look to this Zen space. Kimmy and Rhi surely know a thing or two about being house-proud!

House Rules - Finale

Kitchen by Kimmy & Rhi
Their lighting choice: Our Porter pendants
The verdict: Kimmy and Rhi have proved their styling expertise throughout this season and the grand final kitchen was no exception. Hitting the house rule of decorating with stylish necessities, the twins paired two of our ceramic Porter pendants over the kitchen island bench and added a cheeky splash of LLB’s wallpaper to the façade. The textured pattern on the pendant shades gives them a unique handcrafted look and they fit right in with the neutral colour palette.

Dining room by Laith & George
Their lighting choice: Our Lorne pendant
The verdict: This dining room may be small, but it’s perfectly formed – rule #2 ticked! Our Lorne pendant made a tranquil statement in this intimate setting and its rattan look tied in with the natural, calm ambience created by the wooden furniture and Japanese-inspired tableware and artwork. Pure genius, pure Zen!


The grand final reno was a tiny house with huge rewards! Lionel got a beautiful home to call his own and the teams finished the season by using their design skills for good. Looking to infuse some Zen vibes into your own home? Be inspired by all the lighting designs featured in this grand final reveal and shop them right here.

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