How to create a little night magic

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With summertime upon us, alfresco entertaining is back on the menu. And whether your great outdoors is a leafy garden or a small courtyard, the right exterior lighting can transform your space into an entertainer’s oasis.

Just as you use lighting inside your home to create a mood, choosing a mix of lighting for your outdoor space can also help to create stunning outdoor entertaining areas.


For a great first impression, greet visitors with pathlights along the walkway to your home. Step lights and lights by your front door and warmth and provide much-needed security. Exterior wall lights both front and back make a stylish addition to any home.

Vice exterior wall light

In your outdoor entertaining area, highlight interesting features such as a tree, garden bed, waterfall or statue with spotlights or pathlights. This adds a sense of drama and intimacy, while also providing a great light source.


Deck lighting is also a must as a safety feature and design piece. You can turn an ordinary deck into party central with our colour-changing LED deck lights.

LED Deck Lighting

So before you fire up the BBQ, check out our huge range of exterior lighting options, including the latest LEDs, available instore or online.

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