Kimmy's mid-century modern home

This was the final home reno of the season and the teams’ final chance to impress! They travelled down to beautiful Launceston to give the Tassie twins an edgy, mid-century modern home complete with a cool vintage vibe and a plush pooch pad. Kimmy bought this 60s house with the intention for it to be her forever home and to be close to Rhi, while Rhi was in the competition to give Kimmy the house she deserved. Motivated by their sisterly love, the teams went above and beyond to make Kimmy’s dream home come true. Let’s revisit this exciting reveal and see the rooms that packed a punch.

Living room by Tanya & Dave
Their lighting choice: Our Orion pendant
The verdict: Tanya and Dave chose our 15-light Orion pendant as the living room’s focal art piece. With its multi-level light design and brass finish, the Orion exudes a warm vintage vibe around the entire space. Tanya and Dave were generous in their use of beautiful earthy tones for the furniture and accessories and created a unique TV feature wall using breeze blocks. This room certainly packs a punch!

Master bedroom by Kayne & Aimee
Their lighting choice: Our Aksel pendant and Orion wall brackets
The verdict: We give Kayne and Aimee full marks for their styling this week! Not only did they decide to turn a retro TV into a fish tank, they also lined the ceiling and feature wall with timber nailing the vintage vibe. Further accentuating the mid-century modern look are our close-to-ceiling Askel pendant and Orion wall brackets in brass which radiate a lovely warm glow against the timber creating a tranquil, cosy space. Perfect for relaxing after a long day!


Guest bedroom by Tamara & Rhys
Their lighting choice: Our Pac pendant
The verdict: After battling for space again this week, Tamara and Rhys created a guest bedroom that that is anything but generic. We love the retro green feature wall and the pops of earthy shades in the cushions – they surely pack a punch and meet their house rule #3. They found a clever solution to the bedroom’s low ceiling by using our close-to-ceiling Pac pendant, which also added a mid-century feel with its brass finish and exposed pipe look.

Entry by Lenore & Bradley
Their lighting choice: Our Lowe Table Lamp
The verdict: The entry to Kimmy’s home, although a small area, sets the tone for the whole house. Lenore and Bradley made a wow statement with retro wallpaper and an oversized artwork featuring a retro colour palette. The wooden console table nails that mid-century styling and our Lowe table lamp creates a warm, welcoming ambience – so important when Kimmy’s first guests visit her newly transformed home.


The twins created beautiful rooms for all the teams, and they received a beautiful home in return! Kimmy was so impressed by the brilliant transformation of her 60s house and her dogs Primrose and Pudding were pawsitively happy with their plush pooch pad too! Are you ready to bring the vintage vibe into your home? Be inspired by all the lighting designs in this reveal and shop them right here.

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