Let the sun light up your night garden

With so many homes already enjoying the huge cost savings of solar power, it makes perfect sense that solar technology has now made its way into the garden. The exciting new Lucci Fresco Solar Garden Power Cell is a 3 piece system that connects together to form an affordable, expandable and energy efficient, off-grid garden lighting solution.


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Easy to install, portable and perfect to use with our quick connect LED range, the Solar Garden Power Cell can transform any garden into an enchanting nighttime oasis.

This state-of-the-art system comes complete with a Solar Module, Power Cell and Sensor.


The solar module, which can be installed on a wall, roof or spiked into the ground, generates energy from a 7W solar panel which is then stored in the power cell. As the sun goes down, the sensor goes from conserving the battery life, to providing ambient outdoor lighting. The sensor is suitable for exterior undercover areas.

With many long summer nights looming, the DIY Lucci Fresco Solar Garden Power cell system makes stylish outdoor entertaining easy and energy-efficient.


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