Lighting Up Australia's Best Homes

Lighting Up Australia's Best Homes

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Photographer: John Gollings

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Photographer: John Gollings

We’re always delighted when our pieces are chosen for special projects, but the Argyle restoration, which recently featured on the popular Seven Two program ‘Australia’s Best Houses’, was a particular standout.

Melanie Faith

Photographer: Melanie Faith Dove

The homeowner, David Saunders, was also the architect and builder. As a founding member of the award winning S2 design, David bought his considerable experience and passion for sustainable design to every inch of this challenging renovation project. The Argyle is a heritage significant Victorian dwelling in the heart of St. Kilda, which demanded a sympathetic and sensitive approach to its restoration.

As you can see by the photos, the end result is nothing short of spectacular.

Inspired by the Argyle’s unique history and character, David was determined to let the original craftsmanship of the building take centre stage. Materials have been left in their ‘as built’ state, lending a raw, honest aesthetic to the interior.

Materials and fittings were carefully handpicked, and while all are unique in their own right, they share common properties such as natural warmth, durability, texture and striking design.

Two such pieces were our Minke Aire Artemis Ceiling Fan and our Create Light Pendants. As a committed advocate to sustainable living, David installed four Artemis ceiling fans throughout the home. Crafted by renowned designer George Kovacs, the structural genius of the Artemis is now a fixture in the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design. 

Mindful of the need to minimise energy usage wherever possible, rather than use traditional halogens, David chose our Lucci LEDlux LED globes for all the downlights, wall lights and under cabinet lights. Discreet LED ribbon lighting provided an intimate ambience throughout the home, while a total of 16 Create pendants in black and chrome were also installed. Chosen for their simple industrial styling, the exposed compact fluorescent globes, which offer superior energy efficiency, lend authenticity to this inspiring renovation. 

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Photographer: John Gollings

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Photographer: John Gollings

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Photographer: John Gollings

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Photographer: John Gollings


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