Solar Big Winners During Australia's Biggest Heatwave

It was one of the longest, most uncomfortable heatwaves on record. And the bad news is, these ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ heatwaves are predicted to become more and more commonplace.

The soaring temperatures may have melted water bottles and frazzled the world’s best tennis players, but they did unearth some great news about the benefits of solar power.

While traditional power supplies strained under the constant demands of power-hungry air conditioners, rooftop and ground-mounted solar installations upped their share of power use and generation throughout the country.

With solar power taking centre stage, wholesale pricing was reined in and the number of power outages was reduced.

A study undertaken by the Australian PV network also found that solar power played a significant part in reducing the overall level of demand at any given time.

According to the Australian Solar Council, South Australia was a shining example, drawing 9.41% of its energy needs from solar systems when operational demand was at its peak. That figure was 9.13% for Western Australia, 8.64% for Queensland, 3.59% for New South Wales and 2.8% for Victoria.

So on a personal level, solar customers enjoyed the cool comfort of knowing they could run their air conditioners for longer – and for less cost – by drawing energy from their solar panels, rather than the electricity companies.

And in a broader sense, their choice to switch to solar was also paying big dividends for their community by decreasing demand on the country’s power supply.

So before the next ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ heatwave hits – and experts predict it most certainly will – why not keep your cool no matter what the weather, and make the switch to solar.



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