Beacon Solar comes to our Heidelberg store

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Beacon Solar recently completed our biggest install yet – a gigantic 42kW solar power system atop our Beacon Lighting Heidelberg store in Melbourne, VIC. With a system made up of 168 solar panels, that’s a lot of roof space!

This was part of an initiative to reduce the store’s power costs. The system will also reduce carbon emissions in terms of black balloons by approx. 350,400 per year. If you imagine one black balloon contains 50g of carbon pollution, it’s easy to see that’s a lot of pollution saved!

The installation took place over 3 days and included:

  • 168 x 250W Poly-crystalline panels
  • 84 x 500W Micro-inverters
  • 112 lengths of racking

Micro-inverters are the latest solar technology to help increase solar panel performance. Micro-inverters operate like any other inverter, except for the fact that there is one to each panel. This means that these AC micro-inverters work independently of each other. Compare this to traditional DC systems that are wired in a series like the lights on a Christmas tree – when one stops working, they all stop working.

Micro-inverters enable each panel to work at its best under all conditions. When there is a shading issue the micro-inverters really come into their own, as they control each module independently, which yields the most from each panel. Our micro-inverters are covered by a standard 25 year warranty.

The 168 x 250W premium Sun-Earth Polycrystalline panels used feature anti-reflective glass, which means even in low light conditions the anti-reflective coating reduces the loss of light and contributes to higher power generation. They also feature four bypass diodes. These diodes ensure minimal power is lost under low light or shaded conditions.

If you would like more information about a solar system using micro-inverters, please give us a call on 1300 BE SOLAR.

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