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  • The Summer Of Solar

    As anyone in Australia’s hot spots will remember, the summer of 2013/14 was a sizzler. And our electricity infrastructure certainly felt the heat as huge numbers of households kept their air conditioners running day and night in an effort to keep their cool.

    So how did the system cope with all this extra demand? WattClarity is a group that analyses and helps us to understand Australia’s electricity market, and in a recent retrospective of some of the past few months’ most noteworthy moments in the National Electricity Market, they described the past summer as a volatile one. But while electricity demand peaked at levels not seen in recent years, it still remained shy of breaking any records. Why?

    According to some in the solar industry, most notably Solar Council chief John Grimes and RenewEconomy’s Giles Parkinson, one of the main reasons peak electricity demand failed to reach new heights was because of the unprecedented levels of rooftop Solar PV System installations.

    In fact, it was noted that even when electricity demand looked set to outstrip supply for a few days in mid-January, the use of solar power eliminated the need for emergency load shedding on the part of large-scale electricity users.

    The role of Solar as hero during this severe heatwave was confirmed by the Australian Energy Market Operator, with data confirming that rooftop solar contributed more than 15% of demand at various points, resulting in a significant reduction in daytime consumption from the grid.

    With predictions of more volatile seasons ahead, solar power is cementing its place as the most reliable and sustainable power alternative.

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    26 May 2014

    The Summer Of Solar

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