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  • The Best Solar Power Systems On The Block

    The team at Beacon has had a long-standing association with “The Block”, Channel Nine’s hugely popular renovation series. Since its inception years ago, we’ve been supplying the contestants with lights, fans, globes and fittings for every room renovation.

    And this year, we were delighted to see that Beacon Solar has now become an integral part of the action.

    With rising costs of power and concerns about the carbon footprint top of mind  for every savvy renovator, The Block team has long championed the use of energy efficient solutions wherever possible.

    Solar power has been embraced by many homes and businesses looking to find more affordable ways to access power.

    And as one of Australia’s leading providers of renewable energy solutions, Beacon Solar was the obvious choice to solar power the apartment complex currently under renovation on The Block.

    We installed a 4.8kW grid connected solar power system, consisting of 16 x 300W LG High Efficiency Mono X™ NeON Modules. Supplied by LG Electronics Australia, the new N-type Modules are designed to significantly enhance the output efficiency compared to existing high efficiency modules. 

    Solar Panels

    image via ninemsn The Block Fans vs Faves website

    8 Greenstar GS500 Micro-inverters operate the system. Micro-inverters are the latest in solar technology to come to the Australian market, and in our opinion, are the future of solar power.

    This state-of-the-art solar technology means that each panel has its own inverter, which produces between 5%-25% extra generation than traditional inverters.

    This allows for greater installation flexibility if there are roof space issues, and maximises system performance if there are shading issues.

    The Block Terrace

    image via ninemsn The Block Fans vs Faves website

    Designed to power the common areas at The Block, the system has projected outputs of 6307.20kW annually, which is expected to avoid 68,622 emissions per year (in terms of black balloons).

    When the apartments are finished (and sold!), the new residents will be able to monitor the system’s production, real time outputs and daily solar savings via a monitoring software program displayed on a tablet inset in the wall of the foyer.

    For more information about the brightest solar power systems on the block, contact us here

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  • Free Power For 3 Years?

    Yes, it is possible! Recently a Perth newspaper* reported on the story of a couple who used to spend $1000 a year on their electricity, but haven’t paid a power bill for the last 3 years.

    The reason? Solar panels. While their decision to install solar panels was based on a desire to be more eco-friendly, the massive cost savings were also a great incentive.

    And this couple was smart. Before they renovated, they did their homework and worked out how much power their house was using on a normal day based on their usage patterns and appliances, and then chose the solar power system that was the perfect size to accommodate their needs.

    They also replaced their gas hot water and gas hotplates with a heat pump hot water system and induction cooktops.

    So even though everything in their home now runs off electricity, the solar panels have ensured they don’t pay a single power bill.

    And that’s with a house of four people.

    So if the idea of not paying a power bill for 3 years appeals to you (yes please!), think about switching to solar. Chat to a Beacon Solar expert or get an instant estimate today.

    *Source: The Sunday Times, 28/7/13

    12 September 2013

    Free Power For 3 Years?

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