The Block Glasshouse recap: week 1

New kids on the office block 


Image via ninemsn The Block Glasshouse website

Image via ninemsn The Block Glasshouse website

The Block is back and this season, it really means business. Set with the task of transforming an ugly, 80’s office block filled with rubbish into five split-level atrium apartments, the new Blockheads are under the hammer from the get-go.

Everyone here is particularly excited about what’s to come, because unlike last season, where the focus was firmly on industrial design, the Glasshouse project allows for more individuality in each apartment.

Luckily for the couples, the first room to be revealed is a bedroom, which means they can stop sleeping on the floor!

So let’s sit back and enjoy the renovation ride. Check back here every Monday where we’ll put each team’s design skills under the microscope.


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