Ultimate makeover ideas from The Block

With the fantastic five revealing their last rooms – terraces, restyled spaces and front gardens, The Block 2019 is done and dusted!

Terraces and room redos
Jesse & Mel’s terrace
Their lighting choice: Our Norwest pendant and Marine spike spots
The verdict: Team Jesse and Mel showed how the right alfresco lighting – our Norwest swing pendants and Marine spike spots can create a picturesque terrace which plays on light and shadow. Darren thought they used the space very cleverly and we think that makes their terrace the coolest place to hang out on The Block!

The Block_Beacon Lighting

Tess and Luke’s restyled dining room
Their lighting choice: Our Empire chandelier
The verdict: The judges were wowed by the transformation of Tess and Luke’s formal lounge into a glamourous dining room. While they changed everything else, they retained our Empire Chandelier which was a good move as it made an impressive statement over their grand dining table.

Andy and Deb’s restyled bedroom
Their lighting choice: Our Tahitian fan and Shore floor lamp
The verdict: The judges were in total agreement with how Andy and Deb brought a luxe resort style to this space, and we must add that our Tahitian fan and Shore lamp played a big role. Neale felt the room was now a more ‘confident, polished, grown up version of its previous self’ and its bright, light look fit in well with the whole house, which was ‘full of love’.


El’ise & Matt’s restyled ktichen
Their lighting choice: Our Veil pendants
The verdict: Our trio of Veil pendants took the luxe levels up a notch in Elise and Matt’s redesigned kitchen and amplified the wow factor over their bench top. The judges loved how everything now flowed together in the cooking, dining and living space. Darren especially adored the Australian colour palette which connected all the rooms and called it an ‘Australiana House’.

The Block_Beacon Lighting

Front gardens
Mitch & Mark’s front garden
Their lighting choice: Our Miami wall sconces, step spots and Harbour spike spots
The verdict: Mitch and Mark used a lovely combination of our wall sconces, step lights and spike spots to create a light-filled garden and a brilliant entry to their glamourous home. Shaynna liked the quaint yet simple styling of the verandah and the judges thought the whole garden’s grandeur matched that of the house. Now, only if they had used some lighting to highlight that gorgeous Cycad plant. Oh well, you can’t have it all!

The Block_Beacon Lighting

El’ise & Matt’s front garden
Their lighting choice: Our Portsea wall lights and Sentinel spike spots
The verdict: “Glamour!” Darren exclaimed when he set eyes on El’ise and Matt’s gorgeous garden which seemed like it had been there forever. Neale liked how the lights were sensitively placed to welcome guests and added that the space felt very expensive, genuine and grand. Perfect lighting points for the winning team!

The Block_Beacon Lighting

What great styling ideas to take home from The Block 2019! In Neale’s words, our minds are ‘well and truly blown’.

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