We’re seeing a new trend emerge for the coming season and we’re pretty excited about it. The utility trend that is gaining momentum is where function comes to the forefront. The prettiness is stripped back to leave an understated contrast of materials combined with exposed cables and hardware. It’s the nuts and bolts that become the chic accents and bring an industrial feel mixed with vintage nostalgia.

Geometric shapes and rustic finishes are key in this trend. The exposed bulbs instantly add architectural appeal. With designs such as our Mechanics Pendant it brings a modern touch to the memories of days gone by when mechanics and other industries used cage lights for work. This look works well in the home, especially when these pendants are clustered together. They work well over kitchen benches but would even look striking in the bedroom over bedside tables.

Although this trend can be quite austere, the lines and shapes are very dynamic and a mixture of colours and textures throughout your interior can help bring some warmth to the space. Even though everything is seemingly stripped back, there are still plenty of options when it comes to colours and finishes. Exposed metals can be in chrome, bronze, brass and even black. Throughout the interior you might find raw timbers and leathers, which contrast nicely against the metals.

This hot trend will be appearing more and more throughout the coming season and it’s an easy one to get on board with. The more utility themed homewares we see, the more we love it!

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Mechanics Pendant

Mechanics 1 Light Cage Pendant in Black

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