• The Best Solar Power Systems On The Block

    The team at Beacon has had a long-standing association with “The Block”, Channel Nine’s hugely popular renovation series. Since its inception years ago, we’ve been supplying the contestants with lights, fans, globes and fittings for every room renovation.

    And this year, we were delighted to see that Beacon Solar has now become an integral part of the action.

    With rising costs of power and concerns about the carbon footprint top of mind  for every savvy renovator, The Block team has long championed the use of energy efficient solutions wherever possible.

    Solar power has been embraced by many homes and businesses looking to find more affordable ways to access power.

    And as one of Australia’s leading providers of renewable energy solutions, Beacon Solar was the obvious choice to solar power the apartment complex currently under renovation on The Block.

    We installed a 4.8kW grid connected solar power system, consisting of 16 x 300W LG High Efficiency Mono X™ NeON Modules. Supplied by LG Electronics Australia, the new N-type Modules are designed to significantly enhance the output efficiency compared to existing high efficiency modules. 

    Solar Panels

    image via ninemsn The Block Fans vs Faves website

    8 Greenstar GS500 Micro-inverters operate the system. Micro-inverters are the latest in solar technology to come to the Australian market, and in our opinion, are the future of solar power.

    This state-of-the-art solar technology means that each panel has its own inverter, which produces between 5%-25% extra generation than traditional inverters.

    This allows for greater installation flexibility if there are roof space issues, and maximises system performance if there are shading issues.

    The Block Terrace

    image via ninemsn The Block Fans vs Faves website

    Designed to power the common areas at The Block, the system has projected outputs of 6307.20kW annually, which is expected to avoid 68,622 emissions per year (in terms of black balloons).

    When the apartments are finished (and sold!), the new residents will be able to monitor the system’s production, real time outputs and daily solar savings via a monitoring software program displayed on a tablet inset in the wall of the foyer.

    For more information about the brightest solar power systems on the block, contact us here

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  • Could The Price Of Solar Power Systems Be About To Rise?

    In 2001, the Australian Government introduced a mandatory Renewable Energy Target (RET), which created a financial incentive for the establishment and growth of renewable energy such as solar and wind power.

    The move was undertaken in order to cut emissions from Australia’s coal-dependant power sector, and was designed to ensure Australia generated 20% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

    Recently however, it was announced that a major review into the impact of clean energy on retail power prices was planned, which will also include reviewing the Renewable Energy Target.

    While Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane said the outcome of the review was not set, there is a possibility the Renewable Energy Target could be removed altogether.

    What this mean for solar customers, is a potential price rise in the cost of solar. If the incentives currently available are reduced or cut altogether the out of pocket expense for going solar may increase.

    While everyone here at Beacon Solar eagerly awaits the outcome of the review, if you’re thinking about making the switch to solar, now is a great time to do it. Especially as none of us can predict what will happen to the price of solar power systems in the near future.

    So don’t put it off it off any longer – and start enjoying a lifetime of power savings.

    Talk to us today about how we can help you make the switch.

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  • Solar Big Winners During Australia's Biggest Heatwave

    It was one of the longest, most uncomfortable heatwaves on record. And the bad news is, these ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ heatwaves are predicted to become more and more commonplace.

    The soaring temperatures may have melted water bottles and frazzled the world’s best tennis players, but they did unearth some great news about the benefits of solar power.

    While traditional power supplies strained under the constant demands of power-hungry air conditioners, rooftop and ground-mounted solar installations upped their share of power use and generation throughout the country.

    With solar power taking centre stage, wholesale pricing was reined in and the number of power outages was reduced.

    A study undertaken by the Australian PV network also found that solar power played a significant part in reducing the overall level of demand at any given time.

    According to the Australian Solar Council, South Australia was a shining example, drawing 9.41% of its energy needs from solar systems when operational demand was at its peak. That figure was 9.13% for Western Australia, 8.64% for Queensland, 3.59% for New South Wales and 2.8% for Victoria.

    So on a personal level, solar customers enjoyed the cool comfort of knowing they could run their air conditioners for longer – and for less cost – by drawing energy from their solar panels, rather than the electricity companies.

    And in a broader sense, their choice to switch to solar was also paying big dividends for their community by decreasing demand on the country’s power supply.

    So before the next ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ heatwave hits – and experts predict it most certainly will – why not keep your cool no matter what the weather, and make the switch to solar.

    Source: http://www.pv-magazine.com/news/details/beitrag/solar-power-saves-the-day-during-australias-record-heatwave_100013970/#axzz2sEf5slE0

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  • Rising Electricity Costs Hitting Families Hard

    We've all felt the pain associated with the rising cost of living. But not surprisingly, it's the skyrocketing cost of electricity that is of a major concern to most households.

    Little wonder when you consider that "electricity prices have risen by more than 50% over the past 5 years", according to Choice CEO Alan Kirkland.

    It's also very difficult to accurately budget for power bills as the cost varies depending on your usage. With some reports stating that families were being hit with winter power bills as high as $2000, affordability is now a major issue.

    The bad news is, it doesn't look like it's going to get any better anytime soon. The good news is, more and more households are discovering the wonders of solar power.

    Solar power is the way of the future, and with various finance options and government incentives such as Solar Credits, it's now more affordable than ever. In fact, the money you save on power bills can easily pay for the system. So why wait for your next bill shock? Talk to us about how easy it is to switch to solar - and never pay too much for power again.

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  • Why Grey Skies Are Good News For Solar Power

    Which country is the biggest user of solar power? If you’re thinking it would have to be the sunny climes of California, Australia or Dubai, think again. For surprisingly, the grey skies of Germany take the #1 spot, streets ahead of Italy and Belgium. 

    In fact, Germany just broke its own monthly record for solar power generation, logging an incredible 5.1 terawatt hours of electricity from solar power, putting them head and shoulders above the rest of the world in solar energy usage.

    With approximately 400MW of solar power capacity per million people (compared to Italy’s 267MW per million people), the grey skies of Germany are looking considerably brighter.

    This latest study is great news for the rest of the world, providing unquestionable evidence that a lack of sunshine is no obstacle to the production of solar energy.

    And with Germany on track to receiving 80% of its power from renewable sources by 2050, here’s hoping the rest of the world will sit up and take notice.

    Especially right here in Sunny Australia!

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  • Anyone For Solar Powered Golf?

    Our Beacon Solar team love getting out and about in the sunshine, so a weekend of golf to help raise close to $5,000 of much-needed funds for the local community and the Peter Mac Cancer Clinic in Bendigo was just the ticket.

    While there were no confirmed reports of a hole-in-one, the Beacon Solar team scored big points with the much talked-about refreshments buggy, powered by solar of course! We also gave away solar powered lamps to the winners of the ‘nearest to the pin’ on hole 14 and vouchers to all the solar-powered participants.

    Beacon Solar Golf Day

    Held in Ouyen, in regional Victoria, Beacon Solar have become a big part of the local community since our Beacon Solar Installations Coordinator met the co-director of Greggs/Laser Electrical Ouyen over 3 years ago.

    As a result, the Ouyen community have been fortunate to have Beacon Solar power systems installed by Greggs/Laser Electrical, a local family-owned business with some 30 years experience.

    Backed by the Beacon brand, this ensures the community receives quality solar systems by trusted solar installers.

    This partnership has already seen the installation of a 10.5kW solar system on the Ouyen Football Clubhouse, a 21kW system on the Ouyen & District Community Club and many individual systems on residential homes. And from all reports, the team powered up the 19th hole too!

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  • Free Power For 3 Years?

    Yes, it is possible! Recently a Perth newspaper* reported on the story of a couple who used to spend $1000 a year on their electricity, but haven’t paid a power bill for the last 3 years.

    The reason? Solar panels. While their decision to install solar panels was based on a desire to be more eco-friendly, the massive cost savings were also a great incentive.

    And this couple was smart. Before they renovated, they did their homework and worked out how much power their house was using on a normal day based on their usage patterns and appliances, and then chose the solar power system that was the perfect size to accommodate their needs.

    They also replaced their gas hot water and gas hotplates with a heat pump hot water system and induction cooktops.

    So even though everything in their home now runs off electricity, the solar panels have ensured they don’t pay a single power bill.

    And that’s with a house of four people.

    So if the idea of not paying a power bill for 3 years appeals to you (yes please!), think about switching to solar. Chat to a Beacon Solar expert or get an instant estimate today.

    *Source: The Sunday Times, 28/7/13

    12 September 2013

    Free Power For 3 Years?

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  • How to beat bill shock

    How to beat bill shock

    With electricity and gas costs continuing to rise, it’s no surprise most of us are suffering from bill shock. It’s that dreaded moment when you open your power bill and realise just how much energy costs are impacting your household budget.

    That’s why we’re always on the lookout for the most advanced energy-efficient solutions available. As LED lighting specialists, we recommend the replacing of halogen downlights with LEDs - 85% more efficient and lasting up to 30,000 hours, they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. One of our in-store lighting specialists can advise you on the most practical and affordable LED lighting solutions.

    LED downlights

    We’re also home to Australia’s biggest range of energy efficient ceiling fans. Nowadays, ceiling fans are a must for every home and there’s a style to suit every room – even alfresco areas. Most ceiling fans are equipped with a reverse function, so you save money through winter and summer. In fact, ceiling fans can cut your cooling costs by up to 90% when compared to air conditioning.

    Ceiling fan

    And if you want to dramatically reduce bill shock, talk to Beacon Solar about making the switch to solar. We can tailor a solar power system to suit your needs, with a range of superior solar panels and invertors. We also specialise in off-grid and battery back-up solar systems. To learn more visit the Beacon Solar website today for more information.

     Beacon Solar

    From energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling solutions and solar panels, Beacon Lighting has everything you need to help you beat the dreaded bill shock.

    9 September 2013

    How to beat bill shock

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