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About Solar Power

Benefits of Solar Power

Solar saves money on electricity bills

With electricity prices constantly rising, more and more households are making the switch to energy saving alternatives, such as solar PV systems and energy saving lighting. As electricity prices continue to increase (as coal prices rise), solar power becomes less expensive (as silicon prices fall).

Solar energy is free

Once your Beacon Energy Solutions system has been installed, the sun's energy is absolutely free, allowing you to enjoy considerable savings on your electricity bills. Better still, if solar energy covers 100% of your electricity needs, there'll be no power bills at all. Imagine that, no electricity bills! Just think how much you could reduce your household running costs over the next 25 years; the minimum lifespan of our solar systems. Adding a solar system to your home also significantly increases its market value.

Solar energy is abundant

Solar electricity is a renewable resource which won't run out. A 1kW solar system generates approximately 25% of the electricity used in the average household (depending on your location). Our kits can be tailored to meet part or all of your home's electricity needs.

Make the switch to Beacon Energy Solutions today

Once you've made the choice to go solar, you'll be delighted at how simple the process is. Using up-to-date satellite images we can custom design your solar system and provide you with a no obligation quote. Once you've decided to embrace solar, we'll help complete the relevant paperwork with you.

With all these benefits, isn't it time you went solar?

Get an instant solar power estimate.

How Solar Power Works

Understanding solar energy

The sun’s rays are captured via photovoltaic cells (solar panels) usually mounted on a north or west facing roof. An inverter wired up to your meter converts the captured sunlight into electricity for your home.

How Solar Power Works

Enjoy the savings

Beacon Energy Solutions solar systems can significantly reduce your traditional power consumption and bills whilst easing the stress of future power price hikes. Your electricity provider monitors the power you use from the grid and the solar energy your system collects from its panels. At times, you’ll need more power than your system produces – so it automatically imports electricity from the grid, just as it does now. But you still only ever pay for the power that you import from the grid, the rest is free.

Sustain the future

In keeping with the philosophy of clean renewable energy, your new solar system has no moving parts, is silent to run, requires minimal maintenance (just clean it with water once a year) and has a very long service life.

We make it easy to choose the system that's right for you!

Go Solar in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Submit an instant online estimate.

Select the profile that matches your household and choose from our Economy, Premium and Premium Plus options.

Step 2: Hit the 'Get Quick Estimate' button.

Fill in your details and click 'Get Quick Estimate'. We'll then customise a solar estimate to suit your needs.

If you are after a more detailed estimate that is sent to your email, simply enter your additional details in the options provided and click 'Get Detailed Estimate'. A copy of your estimate will be emailed to you instantly, including all of the details, specs and cost breakdown of your system.

Step 3: Contact Beacon Energy Solutions to proceed with a formal quote. You can phone 1300 237 652 or email solarsales@beaconenergysolutions.com.au

Our solar system designers will then provide a formal quote based on satellite imaging. Sometimes the system size or configuration of panels will change to suit your roof.

Once you have approved the quote, Beacon Energy Solutions will schedule the installation of your new solar power system.

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