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Residential Finance

Pay for your system, while it pays for itself!

Remember how shocked you were when you opened your last power bill? Unfortunately, with electricity prices continuing to skyrocket, it’s only going to get worse. But instead of handing your money over to your energy provider, why not use that money to pay for your own solar power system?

Once your system is paid off all the energy your system produces is free! Imagine all the savings you can enjoy over the lifetime of your solar power system's 25 year performance guarantee on panels.

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Go solar for as little as $2 a day with $0 deposit*

With a solar payment plan, you can have solar installed on your roof, with no upfront costs. Even better, in most cases your future energy savings will cover the cost of the system. As the cost of power continues to skyrocket, generating your own solar energy will offset any rises.

A solar payment plan means you can spread the cost of your system over a payment term that suits your budget. You can choose to pay off your system between 2-7 years (on a 7-year payment plan, you can have a new solar system installed for as little as $2 a day). And with no upfront costs or deposits, you can go solar as soon as your finance is approved (other credit fees and charges may apply).

How does Pay As You Go Solar work?

Typically, once we have designed and tailored your solar system, you would make a finance application to a specialist finance company. If approved, the finance company will pay us, and you then make periodic payments to them for the term of the contract you choose.

Go solar today, pay nothing up front and spread the cost of the system over convenient fortnightly direct debit repayments. 

Please note, Beacon Energy Solutions refers to a preferred financier – Classic Clean Energy Finance (CCEF); however you may choose to finance your system through any suitable financial provider. Any information provided by us, including these FAQs refers to finance in general and should not be constituted as financial advice. The following information is some general information about finance for your reference. We do not represent any financier, and are not licenced to discuss any aspect of the finance or credit with you. You should consult your preferred financier about specific finance details and any other questions you may have.

Ask us about finance options when we speak to you about your solar system.


Terms and Conditions

*Any estimated savings here or in any quote or any other documentation you have received from us are indicative only and are not guaranteed. Each property requires its own assessment and will be different to any example shown. If you choose to finance your system using a financing solution the monthly repayment will depend on the funding solution you chose. Any funding solution will be a separate agreement between you and the financier. Any amounts payable by you to the financier will be payable for the term of the funding solution regardless of whether there are any ongoing installation, operational or performance issues, or any savings are achieved or any scheme subsidies, discounts or rebates continue to apply. We do not represent the financier, and are not authorised to discuss any aspect of the finance or credit with you. Anything we say or do is completely unrelated to any finance company that may provide you with financial assistance and you should consult the financier about credit details.

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