Commercial Installation

Before any solar system can be installed, approval must be sought from your power distribution company to connect the system to the electricity grid.

For a commercial customer, this application will require a site inspection and engineering design by us. The application is lodged with your power distribution company by us on your behalf. 

The engineering design for the grid connection may involve additional Grid Protection Equipment and possibly Export Limiting Devices to meet the distribution company's requirements.

Once we receive the appropriate approval, we can install in 2-3 weeks. Once the approved installation is complete, we will send the appropriate paperwork to your electricity retailer and distribution company. 

Your electricity retailer will organise for the meter to be changed or reconfigured and the system to be connected to the grid. The distribution company will notify your preferred electricity retailer once your meter is installed.

For all commercial installations, we include a monitoring system that will ensure your system is operating at its optimum level, and alert us to any adverse events that may occur, providing you with peace of mind that your investment will continue to provide a return.  

We will provide you with a "what happens next" document, and our commercial team are available to assist with any enquiries you have throughout your switch to solar.

Our 3 Step Proposal Process 

1. Review your existing electricity account to confirm you can benefit from a solar power system

2. Establish your site specific Requirements

3. Provide a Solar Power Solution that reduces your energy consumption and provides an attractive ROI

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