Off-Grid System

Affordable solar power for any area

Even if your area is not maintained by an electricity grid, Beacon Solar can give you affordable access to solar power with an off grid solar power system.

Our stand-alone solar power systems generate energy directly from the sun, which means they are virtually maintenance-free and completely silent – perfect for remote areas.

  • Battery storage. The PowerRouter stores your solar energy in batteries for use at times when there is not enough sunlight for your panels to generate energy.

Even better, once you’ve paid the installation costs, you’ll have access to a completely free source of power and energy. And if you take advantage of the Government Solar Credits Scheme, you can reduce your upfront costs even further.

Clean, green and totally reliable – your off-grid solar system powers your property even when there’s no sunlight.

  • 5-year Inverter warranty
  • 25 year warranty on Jinko or LG panels
  • Power Router Inverter & system monitoring
  • Expandable 3-5kw inverters with various battery size packs

How do off grid power systems work?

Thanks to advances in solar power and major improvements to off grid technology, it's now cheaper and more efficient than ever before. So now, just because you're living in a remote location, doesn't mean you need to sacrifice creature comforts!

Here's how an off-grid generation system works.

Off-Grid Power System

  • Sun shines on the solar panels, generating DC electricity
  • The DC electricity is fed into a regulator which controls the amount of charge
  • Deep cycle batteries are charged
  • The inverter converts it to 240V 50Hz AC electricity; suitable for running standard home appliances.

Selecting a remote power system

Getting the right system for your needs is critical and much will depend on your requirements and where you live. For tailored, no-obligation advice email or call our expert team on 1300 BE SOLAR (1300 237 652).

While a stand alone power system (SAPS) can be quite an investment, generous government renewable energy rebates for people living in remote areas mean you can also save thousands on an off grid or solar power set-up for a limited time! Our team can inform you of the latest rebates and subsidies available.


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