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Solar power is the way of the future. And as specialists in all things solar, Beacon Solar is your one-stop-shop for energy efficient solutions throughout your home and business.

We can deliver reliable, affordable products and solutions designed to protect you from rising electricity costs.

You can go solar with:

Battery Back-Up System

Save even more by storing excess power

A PV solar system only produces electricity during the day. And most electricity is produced in the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak. But with the availability of low feed-in tariffs, it makes sense to have a system that can store the power your grid connect solar system produces during the day, so that you can access it at night when you’re experiencing peak consumption.

That’s the beauty of our battery back-up system. With PowerRouter self-use batteries, you can become even more self sufficient by using energy you have generated and stored yourself. This enables you to get the maximum benefit from your investment. And it means you’re far less dependent on future price fluctuations and legislative changes.

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  • Power Router Inverter & system monitoring
  • Expandable 3-5kw inverters with various battery size packs
  • 5-year warranty on inverters

How do Battery Back up systems work?

While most solar energy is generated during the day, most household use occurs in the evening, cooking dinner, watching TV etc. The PowerRouter Solar Battery gets more out of self-generated solar energy by storing excess power in batteries for later use. Up to 70% of the power you generate can be for your own use, which means you’re less dependent on the grid and rising energy prices.

With its unique technology, the PowerRouter controls whether to use the energy instantly, store it in batteries or feed it back to the grid. No extra inverters or cables are required: just connect the solar panels, batteries, loads and grid to the PowerRouter and start saving.

Make the switch to all-things solar today. Talk to a Beacon Solar specialist on 1300 BE SOLAR (1300 237 652).

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