Beacon Solar Testimonials

Hear from some of our customers about their experience of Beacon Solar's service and the benefits of their solar power system.

  • I'm in a technical field myself, so I recognise good project management and good engineering when I see it. Beacon Solar were thoroughgoing professionals and they did a quality job. Installation was prompt and flawlessly executed. I guess the real testimonial, though, is that we're moving house and we intend to engage them again.
    By Kelley Johnston
  • This testimonial is a long time coming. We have had the solar panels installed last year. After a great deal of research with scores of companies offering deals too good to be true and deals aimed at discrediting competition, I came across Kerry King-Gee. She has been amazingly patient in explaining all the finer details and negotiating with me on a deal that ensured I get the best products and the best price that no one could beat. I can monitor the performance of the panels and their output has been excellent. I have not yet been in need of after sales support (that is a good thing as it gives us one less thing to worry about and chase up). The support provided by Kerry and her team during installation and ensuring that everything runs to a pre-determined plan was amazing.Thanks Kerry, Fiona and Noel and the entire team working in the background who continue to provide excellent support.
    By Denzil Lobo
  • My initial contact with Beacon was about two months ago. I was enquiring about quotes for solar power and the systems that were available. Fiona was my initial contact with Beacon and she explained to me what was available, the costs, benefits etc. We exchanged many emails and had many telephone conversations over this time. She was the main reason I chose Beacon over other companies I was negotiating with. Fiona bent over backwards to help me and her negotiating skills are second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend Beacon Solar to anyone. My dealings with all involved at Beacon have been great. Please pass this on to your manager and any senior management. Thanks again for all your teams efforts
    By Bill
  • While many others were pushing their "one size fits all", Beacon Solar made it easy for me with a personally tailored solution and interest free terms. Now some years down the track I could not be happier with the choice I made and the money I am saving.
    By Simon
  • I have never completed a testimonial before so this is for real. We chose Beacon Solar initially for it competitive price and 50 month interest free deal. You would be crazy not to install a system when the savings are actually paying for the system. Four years and then FREE power. Staff at Beacon Solar made the whole process very easy giving us clear, concise and correct instructions throughout the whole process. The only mistake we made was not installing a system 2 years ago.
    By Stephen Pickering
  • Wow, what a lot of options when researching who to go with and what to get for a solar installation. The big stand-out was Beacon who is one of the lowest priced, and a well known name to boot. Installation was very quick with quality aluminium & stainless brackets and there are no issues. This is a top quality system that operates faultlessly. To boot, getting the interest free finance option for me means that my electricity bill reduction is actually paying the full cost of repayments! After around four years my electricity will be free (I qualified for the 44c FIT). The associated photo only shows 10 of the 20 panels.
    By Troy Simpson
  • After some deal of research, we contacted Beacon Solar to install our 5Kwh solar system. This was basically because they have been in business for many years and we had dealt with them in changing our home lighting to LED lighting and received very good advise and assistance. We recently received our first electricity account since the installation and were very pleased to see that we had a $215.00 credit for that 3 month period. This can only improve as we continue to change our house and outbuilding lights over to LED.
    By Stephen Wells
  • After 4 months of researching what is available in the PV world, I chose Beacon Solar because they supply quality gear and have an unhurried and genuine attitude. I sent this email to them after they installed my 2.75 kW system: Many thanks for the great PV system, the guys did a very neat job installing it, and very helpful. Also thanks for the patience with my endless questions and permutations, and for not giving me the "hard sell" at any time. One of the main reasons for going with Beacon was the unhurried respectful way you went through the process. The aggressive hard sell that many of your opposition engage in is a real put off. Regards, Tony.
    By Tony Lagden
  • We have now had our solar system installed for 12months and couldn’t be happier. Our accounts have all been in credit and with winter over we are still in credit $72. Our system will pay for itself in no time.
    By Nicole Heward
  • With electricity prices on the rise it was necessary that our accommodation business went solar. We undertook extensive research before deciding to go with Beacon Solar. Our 3 criteria for choosing this company were: 1) quality solar panels 2) superior inverter and 3) price. What we had to leave to lady luck was their choice of installer. We were told they used only quality installers, and the service we had so far received was very good, so we trusted them. I can only say that the job we ended up with was exceptional - and we are very fussy! We could not be more happy with our new solar system and we cannot recommend Beacon Solar enough. The Boomerangs @ Johanna.
    By Mark O'Loughlin
  • Our first full bill since installation and hooking up the new meter was $54.50 - down from $250.00. We are stoked! A $200 saving per quarter will pay itself off in no time!!!
    By Mitchell Potter
  • Very pleased with the system 2.5kW installed through Beacon. 10x250W SunEarth panels and a Fronius inverter. The customer service was top notch; returned phone calls, answered really dumb questions, compared deals and brands and worked out a good deal which fit our needs perfectly. Install time was 3 days after paying the money, very impressed about the turn around time. All the work was top notch with all the wiring and inverter placement looking great, installers were friendly and knowledgeable. The inspector just looked at the roof and a quick check over the cabling and was gone, no issues at all to report. The system was generating over 2.75kW for a good hour and half today which was impressive to say the least and system hasn't burst into flames which were our fears with competitors fitting generic inverters. I highly recommended Beacon Solar for Solar PV systems, there is a very slight premium compared to other installers (couple of hundred dollars) however your are getting quality service and quality components backed by an experienced Australian company.
    By James Franklin
  • I would like to thank you for getting our system installed on time. We had a few hiccups but you guys really came to the party and did everything you could to get the job done. We understood that with the government deadline there would be an influx of customers and a lot of pressure on you all. We are very happy with the service and willingness to help us out and would also like to mention how friendly the installers were. So thanks guys I will be recommending you to anyone wanting solar in the future!
    By Peter and Laura Reed
  • Upon deciding to install solar power, and after receiving many quotes, I chose BEACON SOLAR, being an Australia wide company who would stand by me should I have any problems. Beacon Solar installed my solar system in a day, and have had no problems at all. Their installers were extremely friendly and very efficient. The solar system produces much more than I anticipated and we now produce more than we use. Beacon Solar took care of all the paperwork, including all necessary applications. All inverters and panels used are top quality. The whole process with Beacon Solar was a pleasure from start to finish,and I would recommend them to the highest degree.
    By Bruce Berryman
  • After doing a thorough and extensive search for the best solar systems, panels and inverters, we chose Beacon Solar. There were three selling points for us. 1. Beacon sold well known and reputable brands. 2 The Beacon brand itself is a strong brand that we trust and 3. They offered us interest-free terms that could not be beaten. From order to installation and operation, it was an extremely quick and professional process. We have no hesitation in recommending Beacon Solar to anyone looking to put a solar system in.
    By Jarrod Graetz
  • Thanks for making the process so easy from start to finish. The advice you gave from the outset was invaluable. The manner that you dealt with my job ( a 4kW system) was the main reason I accepted your quote. I have spoken with a lot of companies throughout the process and found you to be the easiest and most approachable. The quote and information you provided was accurate and presented in an easily understood way. The starting date was spot on and the installers friendly and efficient. The job was completed to my satisfaction. As a result of my experience with Beacon Solar I have referred 2 other people with your details - they have had similar experiences with their installations and are completely satisfied. Your associates have all provided excellent customer service. Thanks again.
    By Andrew
  • I had Beacon Solar install my solar system in November 2010. Since then, my electricity account has decreased significantly - my last 2 accounts were completely covered. Thank you Beacon Solar for your assistance, your sound advice regarding the size of the system I required and the timely manner in which it was installed.
    By Wendy Marven
  • I have received excellent support and service from staff of Beacon Solar. My initial enquiry at the Beacon Moorabbin store was informative and cooperative - it was this positive experience that assisted my decision to use Beacon. I am thankful that I chose Beacon to install my solar panels as the process has been fully professional. The installers were all efficient, timely and professional.
    By Ian Shaw
  • With the assistance and support of Beacon Solar our school has been successful in obtaining significant Commonwealth and State funding for the installation of a 5kW solar power system. At all stages of this very successful project I have found the staff at Beacon Solar to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly in their approach and delivery of services. They have been extremely flexible and very easy to work with. They have been prepared to listen to our needs and work with us to achieve an outstanding result for our school. I have been very impressed with their workmanship and their pride in both the company and products they use. They have worked within very tight timelines and budgets and scheduled work to cause the least possible disruption to our school. I have been very impressed with Beacon Solar for the outstanding result they have achieved for our school and for the enthusiastic and professional approach they provide at all times. - Principal Ted Lease
    By Bunyip Primary School
  • Thank you for the professional approach to your recent work at St Jude's. The promptness of your workers together with their expertise and efficiency allowed the school to function normally through what is a large job. Your attention to detail and safe work practices made me feel very comfortable with all the work going on. Your coordination and fine detail made for minimal disruption of electrical supply in the classes. The installation work is of a very high standard and we are very pleased with the overall result. Finally the thoughtfulness in integrating the school's electrician means we now have an expert readily available in the school. We would not hesitate to use Beacon Solar and Beacon Lighting for any more projects of this ilk. - Principal Mick Kerin
    By St Jude's Parish Primary School, Langwarrin
  • Thanks everyone at Beacon Solar. The service was great from the first time we spoke to you. Everyone involved - right through to the installers who put up the solar panels - were very efficient. We had no worries to tell our friends about Beacon Solar. It is nice to know that we have no more electricity accounts - just credit accumulating on our account (since Beacon Solar installed our solar power system). We cannot praise your great team enough.
    By Gerard & Joenice McGeown

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